What’s Instagram all about?

What’s Instagram all about? In the seemingly endless struggle to get a grip on social media marketing, many small businesses tend to blindly jump onto every platform we come across. But just because Mary next door says she’s gone on Instagram and it’s “doing wonders”, doesn’t mean you and your business should blindly follow suit. […]

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A Flying Leopard Cannot Change Its Spots

A few short years ago, amid great fanfare, Ryanair announced to the world that it was changing the way it did business. Changing its spots, if you will. The airline, declared Mr. O’Leary, would “try to eliminate things that unnecessarily piss people off”. Apparently, this change of heart was due to some significant shareholders being worried […]

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IBYE 2018 is Launched by Minister for Enterprise & Innovation

IBYE 2018 – National search for Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur gets underway Press Release : Local Enterprise Office Roscommon confirms €50,000 county investment fund available Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise and Innovation, Frances Fitzgerald T.D. and Minister of State for Business, Pat Breen T.D., have launched the national search to find Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneurs […]

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The Creatives Dilemma

The Creatives Dilemma Way back in 2009, I was asked to carry out a study of the professional lives of almost 100 creatives – crafters, artists and designers – living in the West of Ireland. The overt aim of the project was to research what workshops, training and other support inputs the designers would like […]

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Following Up is a Key Function of Selling

Following Up is a key Function of Selling Congratulations! You’ve presented your product or service, negotiated an agreement that’s a win-win for both parties and closed the sale. Now remember that following up is a key function of selling not to be ignored. The thrill of the sale is hard to beat when you run […]

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6 Ways to Close that Sale

6 Ways to Close that Sale Often, when trying to improve our sales performance, our attention is concentrated on how to present and how to negotiate. As vital as these tasks are, we should not lose focus on the true job in hand : closing that sale. See if you can apply any of these […]

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Why I Hate Cynical Ads

OK, before moving on to why I hate cynical ads, let’s start by saying that I generally enjoy listening to ads on the radio (I watch relatively little telly). I particularly like really great radio ads, like the campaign out these last few months from Appliances Delivered. I mean, they’re so well written and brilliantly […]

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How to Develop your Sales Funnel – Keep those Targets Moving Along

How to Develop your Sales Funnel – Lifeblood of your Small Business Listen, whatever marketing and promotional work you undertake, whether that be pressing the flesh, putting photos up on Instagram, email marketing or whatever, your focus needs to remain on moving people in your target market along and how to develop your sales funnel. […]

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Profiteering UK Retailers in Ireland exposed by Exchange Rates

Profiteering UK retailers in Ireland have been a problem for years. In recent months, however, this has been particularly clearly demonstrated by the post-Brexit exchange rate between the Euro and Sterling. I was down in Galway recently and rambled into Debenhams, where I picked up a coat and took a notion to pull off the […]

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Irish Craft Beer Symbols Launched

This year has seen the launching of two separate Irish craft beer symbols, in an apparent attempt to stave off ‘pretenders’ from the world of Irish craft beer production. There has been a phenomenal growth in production of Irish craft beer over the last few years, to such an extent that the well-known community website, […]

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