3 Free Tools to Amplify your Blogpost

3 Free Tools to Amplify your Blogpost

These 3 free tools to amplify your blogpost are easy to use and help disseminate your writing beyond the confines of your website.


amplify your blogpost - dlvr.it

(What a great name, by the way!)

“Deliver It” does exactly what it says on the tin. In its free version, you can feed it one source of blogging and request that its system puts out your latest blogpost across up to three social media platforms. in my case, I pump my blogposts out onto my Facebook Page, Twitter account and LinkedIn profile. Great reach! Easy peasy. There is also a paid version, where you have greater choices. Visit https://dlvr.it/


amplify your blogpost - missinglettr

I really like this new platform that I stumbled across a month ago or so.

“Missingletter” takes your blogposts as they are published, looks at them, generates up to nine content snippets and tweets them out nine times over the next year. Don’t worry – you keep editorial control over those snippets, so if you feel one doesn’t really reflect the true content in your blogpost, you simply reject it. gain, there is a paid version with greater flexibility. Class idea! Visit https://missinglettr.com/

Facebook scheduling

amplify your blogpost - Facebook

Yes, the behemoth of them all.

When you’ve published your blogpost and it’s been automatically posted to Facebook through dlvr.it (see above), then you’ll want to repeat it out in maybe  two or three months. Copy and paste the blogpost’s url into your Facebook page, watch the preview being automatically generated, edit as required and hit the “schedule” button to give it a new lease of life later on. If you have your Facebook page and Twitter account linked through www.facebook.com/twitter, then it will also appear there.

Remember to treat your blogposts like a product, rather than a promotional tool. The blogpost itself needs to be promoted, so use these three methods, along with others, including the ‘share’ buttons like I have below.

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