Another Less than Perfect Year Passes

Goodness, another dodgy year comes to a close.

This time last year, we assumed that 2021 couldn’t be as bad as 2020…

Anyway, onwards and upwards. I’m constantly impressed by people’s ability to keep their small business alive and kicking. The resilience is impressive, to say the least. Chapeau to you, one and all!

For a person who is usually out and about at least 3 or 4 days a week, it has been truly extraordinary to reflect on the fact that, since Thursday 12 March 2020, I’ve actually only been out for a face-to-face meeting on 4 occasions.

One of them was just last week. The others were in September 2020 and twice more strung out during 2021. Incredible!

another less than perfect year

I wonder will this pandemic have a lasting effect on remote working? There will be an interesting tug-of-war to observe, between the desire to get back out and meet people in the ‘real world’ and the inclination to just keep working over Zoom. I’ve already had one colleague tell me they have no intention whatsoever of going back on the road to hold meetings – ever.

I wouldn’t see myself making such a bold declaration, but whatever you feel is right for you!

I think what might happen for me is I’ll return to face-to-face meetings where a venue, factory or workshop demands to be seen, but with other digital marketing and social media meetings, where there’s no real requirement to see a facility, they may well remain online. Let’s see how this evolves into what is now the third year of this mess.

Anyway, Christmas beckons and, with it, the end of another less than perfect year.

I guess we have to believe that things will, at some stage, return to normal, although with new variants popping up all over the place, maybe that’s idle dreaming…

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