Feasibility Studies & Plans

Feasibility Studies

A Feasibility Study is often required as a step in the process of seeking funding for your business or community project.¬† The document’s aims include estimating the market size and potential sustainability of a proposal.

Typically, a Feasibility Study will contain the following elements :

Executive Summary, Promoters, The Project, The Market, Marketing, Financials, etc.

A Feasibility Study provides a comprehensive overview of the potential for success of a given proposal. I work in close contact with the promoters in the preparation of each Study. I begin by taking on board the wishes and goals of the promoters, before beginning to look at the project in a more objective fashion. Conclusions are dispassionate.

Marketing Plans

These plans should be undertaken as a focusing exercise at regular intervals. It can help a business or community organisation to reflect on what they are trying to achieve, in terms of market penetration or product range development. Too often, we become distracted by short-term tasks that get in the way.

Plans of this nature help promoters to stay on track and to recognise short-term actions that may not be helping to achieve the longer term goals that have been set. On the other hand, working through the exercise of preparing a Marketing Plan can also uncover opportunities that perhaps had been missed along the way.

Give me a no-obligations call, if you would like to discuss a feasibility study or marketing plan to advance your project. Call on 086 – 8318748.

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