Innovation & Creativity Seminars, Leitrim

On Tuesday next, in conjunction with Leitrim County Enterprise Board and its Innovation & Enterprise Programme, two free seminars take place in the Landmark Hotel.

From 11.00 to 13.00, the theme is “Sparking Innovation and Creativity”. This short seminar will introduce attendees to four innovative local businesses, in the areas of software development, tourism, brewing and fashion. Spanning quite different sectors, each speaker will tell their story of innovation.

Innovation can be a quite daunting concept for small and micro-enterprises. But it need not be so. Don’t forget : innovation is not always a case of designing a new product. It can span each of the seven Ps of marketing – product, yes, but also price, physical evidence, promotion, people, processes and place/distribution. Perhaps you can deliver your service in an innovative new way. Perhaps you can help customers achieve their goal through new processes; new ways of looking at their problem. Maybe you can offer a new pricing structure to help your potential customers make that buying decision. Could you reshape or redesign your premises so that it more accurately reflects the service or products you offer within ?

So come along to the Landmark, Carrick on Shannon and listen to the story of these inspiring local business owners. Book your place at this seminar via Leitrim County Enterprise Board.

This first session will be followed between 14.00 and 16.00 by a talk on “One Eye on the Environment; One Hand in the Pocket” – how to save money on water, waste and energy management, while being friendly to our shared environment. Creativity is not just in the production and marketing side of business, but can also be applied to business inputs and costs.

This session will look at how savings can be made, even by micro-enterprises. Book for this session via Leitrim CEB’s site and see if you can cut everyday costs in your business.

Next Tuesday’s seminars will then be further complimented by a session on social media one week later. But more on that anon.

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