Marketing Mentoring

Mentoring is about having an outsider come visit your business or community organisation, discuss potential ways of reaching your goals, make some suggestions and then help you work through those agreed actions.

But watch out ! Mentoring is definitely not about getting in some outsider to do the work for you.

Mentoring is about learning to do, maybe receiving the little push you’ve felt you’ve been needing and, often, hearing the things you’ve not wanted to tell yourself. Then it’s about doing, changing, improving, pushing.

marketing mentoring west of ireland

Genuine commitment to the mentoring process from the client is an absolute, non-negotiable requirement. Don’t forget : the mentor will, one day, walk away from the process and forward you a bill. It will always remain up to you to make a success of your business or community project.

So, give me a call if you’d like to commit to some mentoring – it might be just one session or you might like to meet regularly over a longer period. Whichever the case, when I leave, you should be undertaking pro-active marketing that is focussed on delivering an improvement in your situation. Suggested actions will always be preferably at no or low cost.

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Rather than mentoring, you might be looking for training.

In order to gain maximum benefit from the exercise, it is important to understand that mentoring is not about getting somebody in from the outside to do your marketing (or anything else) for you.

Rather, mentoring is about having somebody come in, take a look at how you do things and how you do not, come up with possible actions, a new strategy, new target markets, new product development, new marketing research, help you to know how to do those things, but then leave you to do them.

This is about helping you spot opportunities.

Mentoring is about having an outsider help you progress. It is not about having them carry out the actions for you, because there is no legacy in that.

For marketing mentoring West of Ireland, call me on 086-8318748.