Marketing Plans & Feasibility Studies

Marketing Plans

If you require a Marketing Plan, please give me a call to help you with its development.

Marketing Plans should be created for the right reason – to strategically direct the development of your business or organisation.

Marketing Plans

They shouldn’t be written solely to satisfy thirds-party requirements.

Writing a Marketing Plan takes time and, in reality, demands the commitment and attention of management. It affords a superb opportunity to take a step back, look at where your business is now, how it has gotten here and where it should aim for next.

We’re talking about products, pricing, distribution and promotion. We’re talking about customer profiles, USPs, competitive advantages, etc.

This is all about marketing strategy, marketing goals and how to set about achieving them.

Feasibility Studies

A Feasibility Study is required when your business, community or other type of organisation is seeking funding from various agencies.

Along with extensive experience of writing marketing plans, I have also helped numerous organisations prepare and present a Feasibility Study, for example when seeking Leader funding.

A Feasibility Study might typically address the following topics :

  • Promoter background
  • Study or project assessment
  • Work to be done and who will undertake it
  • Estimated costs
  • Detailed objectives or terms of reference
  • Products to be developed, markets, customers, competitors and estimated employment
  • An assessment of the marketplace
  • An assessment of the feasibility of providing the product / service
  • A technical assessment of the product / service idea
  • A financial assessment of the proposed business idea
  • A commercial assessment of the proposed business idea / future profitability / ability to grab market share
  • A personal credibility assessment of you / your business in providing this idea to the market
  • Bridging finance feasibility

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