Marketing Plans

If you require a Marketing Plan, please give me a call to help you with its development.

Marketing Plans should be created for the right reason – to strategically direct the development of your business or organisation.

marketing plans

Marketing Plans shouldn’t be written solely to satisfy third-party requirements.

Writing one takes time and, in reality, demands the commitment and attention of management. Let’s face it, this is not the most exciting part of your marketing. However, it affords a superb opportunity to take a step back, look at where your business or social enterprise is at right now, how it has gotten here and where it should aim for next.

We’re talking about SWOT Analysis, market trends, the marketing environment in which you operate, products, pricing, distribution and promotion. We’re talking about customer profiles, USPs, competitive advantages, etc.

This is all about marketing strategy, marketing goals and how to set about achieving them.

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