Marketing Training

Training for private businesses, social enterprises and community groups is offered in Marketing Strategy, Branding, Digital Marketing, Social Media (including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), Video Marketing, Leadership & Professionalism and other areas.

Training can be delivered at your premises to minimise time away from work, or online via Zoom.

Attending training workshops is about learning to look at your marketing and communication in a different way and putting into practice new habits.

marketing training

Perhaps you need to fine-tune your overall Marketing Strategy.

In today’s world, often insufficient time is dedicated to the “big picture” of market analysis, marketing research, target marketing, market segmentation and positioning. These are, in fact, the critical areas that demand your concentration.

Trust me, the success of your business or organisation depends not on that funky Facebook or cute Instagram post. No, it is in your carefully thought out and properly researched strategy.

Training is interactive and participatory.

This is not old-style ‘chalk and talk’. This is learning to do, going away and doing, coming back and discussing and improving as we go. Training is through group work, with lots of examples, practice and then application to your own situation, be that a business or community organisation.

Get in Touch

Give me a no-obligations call, if you would like to discuss marketing training, on 086 – 8318748, or email me.

Training is all about sharing knowledge and skills, but more importantly, ensuring legacy in the form of trainees knowing what to do afterwards.

It is critical that training not just be a one-way stream, but rather involve engagement, interaction, trainee experience and, ultimately, “learning by doing”.

Loads of ideas will come from you, the client.

Naturally, you know your own particular marketplace better than any outside trainer. That’s why training with Murphy Marketing works – it’s a collaboration between you and the trainer, to improve skills and grow your organisation.