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Marketing Training Ireland – covering counties from Mayo across to Monaghan and south to Clare

Marketing Training Ireland – Training is offered in Practical Marketing, Digital Marketing, Selling, Social Media (including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), Strategy, Video Marketing and other areas. Training can be delivered at your premises to minimise time away from work.

Training is about learning to look at the marketing situation in a different way and putting into practice new habits. Perhaps you’ve never carried out any digital marketing – I will teach you how to use permission-based email marketing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Perhaps you need to fine-tune how you apply the Sales Process to lead you through the maze of securing new customers.

Training is interactive and participatory. This is not old-style ‘chalk and talk’. This is learning to do, going away and doing, coming back and discussing and improving as we go. Training is through group work, with lots of examples, practice and then application to your own situation.

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Marketing Training Ireland – Get in Touch

Give me a no-obligations call, if you would like to discuss sales and marketing training in Ireland. Call today, on 086 – 8318748.

Marketing Mentoring

Mentoring is about having an outsider come visit your business or community organisation, discuss potential ways of reaching your goals, make some suggestions and then help you work through those agreed actions.

But watch out ! Mentoring is definitely not about getting in some outsider to do the work for you.

Mentoring is about learning to do, maybe receiving the little push you’ve felt you’ve been needing and, often, hearing the things you’ve not wanted to tell yourself. Then it’s about doing, changing, improving, pushing.

Genuine commitment to the mentoring process from the client is an absolute, non-negotiable requirement. Don’t forget : the mentor will, one day, walk away from the process and forward you a bill. It will always remain up to you to make a success of your business or community project.

So, give me a call if you’d like to commit to some mentoring – it might be just one session or you might like to meet regularly over a longer period. Whichever the case, when I leave, you should be undertaking pro-active marketing that is focussed on delivering an improvement in your situation. Suggested actions will always be preferably at no or low cost.

Call 086 – 8318748.

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