Remarketing Tools from Facebook and Mailchimp

As a small business owner, you’re probably using Facebook Pages and some email marketing system or other. Mine’s a Mailchimp, thank you for asking. But are you using the powerful remarketing tools these platforms offer?

Placing the Facebook pixel tracking code on your website allows you to build audiences on Facebook of website visitors who have taken actions, as defined by you.

For example, imagine you have an online shoe shop. You could build an audience on Facebook of people who visited, say, your ladies’ boots page, but did not purchase, i.e. did not visit your post-purchase ‘confirmation’ url.

Alternatively, if you don’t sell online, you could still use the pixel to simply count website visitors, irrespective of what actions they do or do not take on the site. The ‘audience’ (or group) thus built can be advertised to down the road.

To get into remarketing (aka retargeting) using the pixel, learn more from Facebook here.

Remarketing tools from Facebook and Mailchimp

Mailchimp, meanwhile, is a wonderful email marketing system. The basic idea here is to gather email addresses legitimately and forward occasional newsletters via email. However, the system offers much more, including remarketing automations. Here, you set up certain “if, then” scenarios and craft good emails to be sent when the trigger occurs.

For example, let’s imagine you’ve sent a newsletter and one of the articles is selling a certain event. You might set up an automation to forward a second, more in-depth email about that event, to encourage bookings. Or a follow-up video link, perhaps.

Learn more about Mailchimp automations here.

Remarketing tools from Facebook and Mailchimp

I use both these tools and would highly recommend that you start to experiment with them also. They build brand recognition, play a role in brand reinforcement and, ultimately, help drive sales.

Remember that book you looked at on the website of that huge worldwide book vendor, but didn’t purchase? Have you noticed it popping up on your Facebook newsfeed … Or that flight you checked, but didn’t book…

That’s remarketing (or retargeting) in action, right there.

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