Social Media Marketing Outsourcing

Do you need somebody to help you with your social media marketing, or indeed to take over its running?

Give me a call on 086-8318748 and we can discuss your social media marketing outsourcing requirements.

Let’s drive engagement on your Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. Let’s grow those numbers of followers and build your sales through increased interaction on your social media channels.

When you’re running (or setting up) your business, it’s hard to find the time to concentrate on driving your social media presence. And yet, we all know how important that Facebook page is (or whichever platform is right for your target markets).

Need to run some adverts on your social media? We can take care of that for you also, to really drive the number of followers you gain and, ultimately, convert more into sales.

Have you inserted the Facebook pixel tracking code onto your website? Have you linked your online shop to both your Facebook and Instagram accounts, to offer your potential customer more than one entry into your store?

What’s more?

Working with me on your social media marketing outsourcing means you’ll learn how to do it yourself over time, meaning you won’t need to re-hire me again.

Your initial investment will be very small, to ensure you’re happy with progress before committing more fully. From experience, I know it’s a scary proposition to outsource your social media. With me, you’ll always be in control of your spend and my rates are extremely reasonable. Get in touch for a quote.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is about reaching and communicating with your chosen target market(s), via the platforms on which they spend their time. It’s about building an audience, a tribe. It’s about interaction, engagement, communicating your brand and its ‘vibe’. It’s also about driving traffic to your website or whichever mechanism you put in place for people to purchase your products or services.

Here is what the always wonderful Hubspot has to say about social media marketing.

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