Differences Between Agents and Distributors

Differences between Agents and Distributors OK, so you’re ready to have somebody else selling on your behalf “while you sleep”? Of course, there are various solutions to this, but two of the more common are the ’employment’ of commission (aka sales, aka trade) agents or distributors. But what are the differences between agents and distributors? […]

7 Trade Show Secrets

7 Trade Show Secrets to a Better Event In lieu of Trade Show Secrets, you can substitute Consumer Show or Conference. The principles are essentially the same. Often, we get so excited about unearthing enough marketing budget to allow us to exhibit at a show, that we forget these 7 trade show secrets to a […]

Distribution Agreements – What Are You Looking For?

You may have found a product you’d like to distribute into your market on behalf of its principal (manufacturer or developer). Indeed, you may have developed your own product for which you now need a distributor in new markets. Consider these points when setting out to secure distribution agreements. 1. Density of end-users The higher […]