Tips for the Start of a New Year

Let’s face it, we all reflect at the start of each New Year. How’s our business going? How did last year end up, compared to our plans and aspirations of 12 months ago?

With that in mind, here are a few tips for the start of a new year.

Get out

First, go somewhere new to think. Go into town and visit a coffee shop you’ve never been to before. Bring a pen and paper … remember them? In fact, do this a few times during the year, not just in early January.

tips for the start of a new year

Get scribbling

With said paper and pen, start throwing down some ideas – lots of them – about what you feel you could or should be doing this year that’s either the same or different to what you did last year. Something worked really well last year? Great, keep it up, but advance it, fine-tune it, improve it and bring it to an expanded audience. Something else didn’t work? Fine, get rid of it. You know the adage : if you keep doing the same wrong thing, you can expect the same poor results.

Get after a lost client

Each year, through natural attrition, we lose maybe 20% of our clients. That’s okay, especially if we’re happy enough to have lost some of them. Who doesn’t have a client they’d be happier without? But if not, then get on the phone, email or whatever and see if you can win them back. Where that’s not possible, then at least learn a lesson.

Get into something new

Your market is constantly evolving. You must evolve with it, or ahead of it. In 2017, I generated over 20% of my turnover from a product I didn’t even offer back in 2016.

Note that there are essentially three components to any sale : the buyer, the seller and the product.

For example, if your buyer knows you and appreciates the products you currently offer, then you have an opportunity to offer him something new and relevant. Equally, if the buyer doesn’t know you but does know or can relate to a similar buyer to him who has bought from you and he understands the product you’re offering, again you have an opportunity. Indeed, here are some tips on how to present a new product or service.

Get mental

Outside of work, but directly related to it, go get some physical exercise. Get into walking, cycling, swimming, team sports or whatever you fancy. Regular exercise will help you feel better both physically and mentally and that can only be good for you and your business. Right?

Tips for the start of a new year – resources

Here’s a nice list of practical things to do marketing-wise from the blog at Wix.

Here are 9 goals to aim for, from Entrepreneur Magazine.

And here’s what Social Media Today has to say – 18 digital strategy tips. Pay particular attention to Number 18!

Happy New Year!

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