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Now we all agree that posting text only on our Facebook Page is a total no-no, right? Photo posts work much better, gaining greater reach and, critically, more engagement. However, you might be missing out on an even more powerful way to engage your audience. Video on Facebook Pages is, in fact, the way to go.

I decided to do some basic research into this and found, unsurprisingly, that the figures do indeed back up this notion. It really is ever more about video.

So what I did was check back over the last eight months of posting on six Facebook Pages to which I have access. These Pages are all from different, but consumer-oriented (B2C) sectors. Each Page is marketing to consumers, rather than business-to-business (B2B). Now, knowing that organic reach on Facebook has been declining over the past year or two, I looked for a post on each Page that had a reach of approximately 1-in-6 (the oft-quoted figure for organic reach) of its fan base. I allocated this random post a reach of 1.0 and proceeded to compare all the following posts’ reach to that figure. In other words, if a subsequent post reached twice as many people, it scored 2.0 and so on. Note that all boosted posts were ignored – I was only interested in the performance of organic posts. Then, I averaged out the performances of the 6 Pages, as if they were, in fact, just one single Page. Still with me on this?

Video on Facebook Pages
Get into the habit of posting video on your Facebook Page

Here’s how it panned out.

Baseline photo-only post :     score of 1.0

Average photo-only posts :    score of 1.3

Average post with video :      score of 3.6

Essentially, having taken some 500 posts into consideration, video posts can be seen to have reached almost 3 times as many people as photo-only posts. Shouldn’t you be posting more videos?

 Video on Facebook Pages – How To

With smartphones virtually omnipresent, simply shoot video on it and upload it directly, without recourse to a laptop. However, if you’d like to brand the video, through a title, captions and credits, then upload your video to your laptop and create a ‘movie’ with low-cost or no-cost software like Windows Live Movie Maker, Movie Maker or other**. It’s clunky and limited, but will satisfy the needs of most micro-enterprises who just want to place a short video on Facebook Pages.

** Please note that Murphy Marketing cannot be responsible for the reliability and trustworthiness of any third-party software downloading website. Take due care when choosing to download software over the internet.

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