Why Should Anybody Buy From You?

In today’s world of hyper competition and online v offline purchasing options, why should anybody buy from you?

We’re all in business of one form or another, of one size or another.

But whatever type of business you run, one question should keep popping up in your brain. “Why should anybody buy from me?”

Now, we all know that we’re not the only alternative that our target audience can avail of. If you think that you don’t have any competitors, you won’t last long in business. There are always other solutions to the problem faced by your target market.

why should anybody buy from you

When a person wants to buy something, there are lots of factors influencing their decision, including the all-important subconscious ones. We sometimes joke that the marketing person in your business beavers away in the background, trying to build the best associations between your product or service and what people want (you might call that branding), while the poor auld salesperson has to actually face the potential customer and relate to that person.

Of course, for many of us, the marketing person and sales person is one and the same – it’s you.

Let’s consider why people might not buy your product or service. Reasons often include :

  • They found an entirely different solution
  • They found what they perceive to be the same product / service as yours, but at a better deal
  • They don’t feel secure about your offer
  • They simply get distracted and forget
  • They don’t actually know what they want

Here’s a thing : be specific – offer a specific product for a specific audience. Be sure your product offers value to your clearly defined target market.

So, why do people buy a particular product or service?

People want to move away from, or reduce unhappiness


People want to move closer to, or attain happiness

Now, which are you offering? How are you providing value and how are you relating to those needs and wants of your audience?

So, here’s the killer question.

Does your prospect believe that your product or service can fix their problem and help them achieve their goal? Do you help them move away from unhappiness, or towards happiness?

Keep asking.

Why should anybody buy from you? Because you’ve a grasp on value, what people want, where you stand vis-a-vis the competition and what your compelling branding communication consists of.

Oh, and you’ve a great product or service.

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