6 Tips to Improve your Facebook Adverts

How to Improve your Facebook Adverts

So we know and accept that, all things being equal, your Facebook Page reach has dropped (sometimes significantly) over the last year or two. I think that’s fair enough and, if you want to “pay to play”, then here are 6 tips to improve your Facebook adverts.

  1. Include a face in your ad.
  2. Be very specific about who you are targeting.
  3. Try out more than one image for the same ad.
  4. Red grabs attention.
  5. Positive emotions work best.
  6. Follow the AIDA Model.
improve your Facebook adverts
Advertising is an essential part of your Facebook strategy

A face :

As humans (and consumers), we like to look at other people’s faces. Employing a nice, smiley face in your ad will help grab attention on the cluttered FB feed.

Targeting :

FB offers incredibly powerful targeting options. Use them to narrow the focus of your ad to the target market that really matters to you and your business.

Vary images :

For one single ad content, you have the option of trying out up to six different images. play around and discover which image works best, then concentrate your effort on that version of the ad.

Colour :

Different colours signify different things and bring out different emotions in readers. Scroll down to the end of this earlier post for more on colours in branding. Red and yellow grab attention, but while the latter does not work on computer screens, the former most definitely does.

Positive emotions :

If I feel nice when reading your Facebook adverts, I’m more likely to click on them to prolong the pleasant feeling.


Standing for “Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action”, the AIDA Model helps us focus in on the purpose of our ad. If we can locate ourselves and our business on the steps of this model, then we can better decide what we are trying to achieve with any given advert. Knowing what exactly its purpose is helps us devise a better ad.

Improve your Facebook Adverts

Advertising is now an essential part of the Facebook game we all play. I generally recommend that even the smallest micro-enterprise with a real audience on the platform should dedicate Euro 300 pa to Facebook adverts (plus VAT). Use these 6 tips to improve your Facebook adverts and see what positive results you are able to achieve.

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